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16Dec 2014
Key Things To Remember When You're Spring Cleaning
Key Things To Remember When You're Spring CleaningNot many people can honestly say that they look forward to their annual spring clean. However, it really is a great way of freshening up your home without spending a whole load of money. So if you feel like your home is starting to look a bit dreary or sad all you may need to do is give it serious clean. If you plan well in advance, it doesn’t even need to be a huge undertaking and can be over ASAP. So if you’ve got your cleaning products at the ready and aren’t really sure what you’re aiming for why don’t you check out the extra things which you need to look out for during your spring clean.When it comes to your living room, there is always additional dust and dirt on lamps, books and skirting boards that you don’t always clean. Blinds, windowsill and mirrors are another key place to dust, before making a start on the soft furnishings. Vacuuming or washing sofa covers, cushions, rugs and curtains is also a great way of rejuvenating faded colours and removing stains and can help to give your room a new lease of life. If you can afford it then you could even treat your carpet to an intensive carpet cleaning treatment to remove any build-up of dust and dirt.Kitchen cleaning is something that many people hate to do especially when it involves intensive treatments. However, if you want your kitchen to maintain its first class standards, it really is worth taking some extra time to deep clean it. Emptying kitchen cupboards and draws is a good place to start so that you can clean from top to bottom inside. Appliance cleaning is also important and can help you to ensure that your ovens and fridges are working to their absolute maximum. Remember to check the instructions for your appliances first so that you know how best to go about your fridge or oven cleaning.Spring cleaning your bathroom can make a real difference to its appearance and can help you to make it look as good as new. Using a toothbrush to clean between the tiles and buffing your taps with white vinegar can help to remove mildew and lime scale, while a strong hand can scrub away any unwanted marks. If you have a build-up of products and medicine in cupboards and drawers then remember that now is the time to clear it out. Old medicines and empty shampoo bottles can make your bathroom look more untidy than it really is.While your bedroom may not need a great deal of day-to-day house cleaning it is important to pay it some attention when it comes to an annual spring clean. De-cluttering your wardrobes, drawers and shelves is a great place to start before moving on to your mattress and furnishings. Vacuuming your mattress can help to get rid of any dust or dirt build-ups, while a complete upholstery cleaning service is great for giving it an intensive clean. Pillows and duvets should also be washed to help keep them in a good long-term condition.If you’re taking your spring clean out into the garage or shed then remember that the devil is in the detail. Dust from corner to corner and from top to bottom before starting on your floors and windows. Professional cleaners can also help you with some of the more difficult areas, including hard floor cleaning. So if you want your home to feel as good as new, why don’t you put spring cleaning to the top of your to-do list!

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