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Customer reviews
     The team turned up on time, were courteous and professional. They finished the job quickly and left the place spotless.
S. Trott10/07/2024
     They took time to explain everything so I felt informed throughout the process.
Amanda M.18/12/2023
     Highly personable and diligent individuals! Extremely delighted with my tenancy clean!
Kayla N.27/11/2023
     We had an amazing experience -- the cleaner made our sofas and carpets look brand new! He was very polite and professional throughout the entire process.
E. Hill03/11/2023
     A friend of mine suggested that we get Cleaning Company Hammersmith in to clean our offices - it was a brilliant shout! The end result was outstanding, so there's no doubt that they'll be back on the books soon enough.
Camilla S.15/05/2023
     Without exception, I am indebted to HammersmithCleaners for meeting our building's demand for high-level office cleaning staff; each worker is meticulously attired, polite and fully proficient in their role at all times!
Mary Robertson22/02/2023
     Delighted with our first experience of Hammersmith Cleaning's cleaning service today. The cleaners were incredibly friendly and took the time to explain the process step by step. I'm sure I'll look forward to their return each month!
Alicia Smith06/02/2023
     My husband and I were commissioned to be away from home for a year. On our return, we found the house to be in a terrible mess. HammersmithCleaners's cleaning service was recommended by our neighbour, who hires them regularly. An absolute stellar job with the upholstery cleaning deserves a special mention. The standard of cleaning speaks for itself.
Debbie Webber08/05/2015
     I wanted my house cleaned after the birth of my third child. I hired HammersmithCleaners who did a terrific job. The office arranged for a consultation to go over what type of leaning service I wanted, and gave me a quote which I was pleased with. The home clean service was great, the cleaners covered every little detail including under beds, inside cupboards etc. It was a wonderful service at a great cost. I will certainly use them again more regular.
Joanna Perkins24/11/2014
     After a disappointing end of contract clean in one of my flats by the tenant I hired HammersmithCleaners and am very glad that I did. The place wasn't looking it's best after the tenant left and I was feeling a bit stumped about how to fit in the cleaning along with my other duties. Your guys really came through on this one and improved the situation no end! I will be using your company from now on when it comes to all of my properties and cannot praise them enough for their diligence, fantastic working attitude and professionalism!
     I use HammersmithCleaners for their rug cleaning service and they never cease to amaze me. I have used plenty of cleaning services before and some have been ok, some have been good but none have really got the job done like this lot. I am not in a position to shell out loads of money or to have a job done poorly and these guys get it right every single time. I am always impressed b y their price, their work ethic and that they never overcharge. What a brilliant service, I will be back again!
Bryn K.09/10/2014
     You know what, I was completely blown away by how good a job HammersmithCleaners did with my home, that I'm finding it difficult to put into words! They have cleaning down to a science - every corner was cleaned down to the smallest detail! They scrubbed, polished and dusted every part of my home, and they did so in a really professional way! Not only that, they were friendly and easy to talk to as well! I'm just flabbergasted, I wasn't expecting a cleaning service that was so cheap to hire to do such a perfect job, but here we are!
Davina N.29/08/2014
     In all of my time working at this office as the head manager, I have never had a cleaning company as good and well liked as HammersmithCleaners. Their staff are always lovely to talk to, and they are never tardy. They always deliver a great clean in the allocated time, and with the prices being as good as they are, I have to say that they are a brilliant service at great value for money. Whilst many cleaning services go unnoticed in the office, this lot certainly are not, a great team and a great clean.
Anthony L.31/07/2014
     The house I grew up in was always spotless. My mother made sure that not a thing was ever out of place. I've always dreamed to have a house like that of my own but that's where my motivation fails me every time. Not only that but even if I did manage to actually follow through with my cleaning, I'd never do it justice. That's when I though why not just hire a professional? So after hours of searching for the best company for me, I finally decided on HammersmithCleaners. They had 5* reviews across the board and they didn't cost a pretty penny neither! They're great! I would recommend them to anybody.
Nicky R.16/07/2014
     Taking the time to clean the office from top to bottom is necessary sometimes but I don't have the capacity to do it and I know better than to ask my wife! The majority of cleaning companies in London aren't known for their reliability but that is not the case with HammersmithCleaners who always turn up when they say they will and do the job I need them to do very thoroughly. Many cleaning companies get away with doing the bare minimum but these cleaners will do all the hard jobs and keep going until it's all been finished perfectly, which is why I would definitely recommend them.
     I was working overseas for 6 months and on my return the house looked a mess. The dust, dirt and cobwebs had built up. My brother had given me the name of a new cleaning company HammersmithCleaners to sort the problem. I wasn't bothered how much the cost was I just wanted it cleaned. I sorted a date and the cleaners arrived on time with their stuff and began straight away. I was amazed at how in depth the cleaning service was, the cleaners covered a lot of detail including, under beds, light switches and doorknobs as well as completely cleaning everything in the place. They did a great job and the house looks brilliant.
Miguel Brown12/06/2014
     I was fed up with the housework, and decided to treat myself and pay for hired help. I was passed on the details of a local cleaning company called HammersmithCleaners. I got in touch and booked a home cleaning service whereby they did a complete top to bottom house clean. They covered every miniscule detail and did a brilliant job. The staff was polite and worked hard all day. The work carried out was excellent. I will be using them again for certain. Also I would suggest if you need domestic help in the home or office to call these guys. Brilliant work!
Rhianna M.26/05/2014
     When my husband fell ill I found myself becoming a full-time carer, which left me with little time to bother with the cleaning. I wanted to hire a professional cleaning company who would be friendly and understanding of my situation. I started my search online and soon came across HammersmithCleaners, who seemed perfect for my needs and who weren't too pricey. I called them up and hired a cleaner for a one-off clean, just to see the results. Needless to say, I was very impressed, and now I hire a regular cleaner. My home looks great and I have nothing to worry about when it comes to cleanliness - a brilliant service!
     There's always something excellent about discovering a really good new solution to an old problem. When it came to sorting out my cleaning issues, a friends turned me on to HammersmithCleaners, and now I am in love. I used to struggle by, trying to do a bit here and there when I could, but not really managing to do anything. Once I had them on board, however, everything just got a whole lot easier. Everything they do makes my life easier and they do it all at an incredibly reasonable cost. Highly recommended for every single home.
Kenneth Coleman19/03/2014
     I am very pleased with the way in which HammersmithCleaners have been working for me of late. They really have ensured that my place looks its best, and all the while ensuring that nothing is moved in a way that I can't find it after! I always hate when things are tidied away and you can't seem to find them for days after, but with this lot that is not a problem in the slightest! I think that anyone who needs a good cleaning company should try them out at least once, so get on with it!
Brett P.05/03/2014
     I hired HammersmithCleaners to clean my upholstery. I just wasn't sure how to go about cleaning the fine fabrics and wanted a professional and knowledgeable company to provide a diligent clean without ruining the fabric. The staff were just great. They knew exactly how to clean my delicate fabrics and they were friendly and their prices affordable. I recommend them highly for any upholstery cleaning task. They have flexible service and always bring their own cleaning supplies. What a great service, thanks for the hard work!
Jonathan Bailey 18/02/2014