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02Sep 2014
Oven Cleaning Made Easy
Oven Cleaning Made EasyIf you are slightly fearful of the oven, then it is not without reason! The amount of dirt that accrues in there will be enough to put off even the most seasoned domestic cleaner! The fact of it is that as the grease from the food that you cook heats up, it evaporates, and will settle on the interior of the oven when it is cooling down. The result of this, alongside any spillages of the food itself, is a gradual build up of grease, that can get baked on over time, and becomes very hard, as well as being pretty difficult to. You will find that there are many different tricks and tips out there that are geared towards ensuring that you are getting your oven cleaned properly, but the fact is that the only way to ensure that the oven is being cleaned in a way that will be easy every time, is to clean it more often! Many people leave the oven cleaning for ‘later’ which is a time that rarely comes, and you will find that the result of this is to let the dirt build up each time, to a point that it is nigh on impossible to get rid of! However, you will be able to get rid of it, even if it means getting the contract cleaners involved!For a start, you need to prepare yourself. Get some rubber gloves on, because the oven cleaner will often contain some seriously dangerous chemicals that can leave you with rashes if you get it on your skin. You will need oven cleaner, a scrubbing brush, wire wool, a sponge or cloth, and some towels that you don’t mind getting dirty. Start by removing the racks and trays form your oven, and place them in the sink. Spray a little oven cleaner over them, whilst wearing your gloves of course, and spread the foam over the racks so that they are properly covered. You can leave them like this whilst you get on with other parts of the job, so that the oven cleaner has time to break down all of the grease that may have collected on them. Then you can get into the oven, racks out of the way, and have a look. If there is a lot of caked on grease that is making hard deposits in the back of the oven, then it may be a good idea to get them out with something sharp like a BBQ scraper or a skewer. If you get these hardened bits of dirt out before you start cleaning, then the actual cleaning bit will be a lot easier.Once this is done, you can douse the inside of the oven with the cleaning fluid, ensuring that all parts of the oven are covered. Leave this in place for at least twenty minutes. Take the time to clean off the racks, and to wipe down the outside of the oven, paying special attention to the hobs on top.You will find that having left the oven cleaner to soak into the dirt will mean that you do not have to work as hard on cleaning it out, but the fact is that you will need to scrub away at it for a bit if it has been a while. Getting a stiff brush to do most of the work with, and then finishing the tougher bits with wire wool will usually do the trick! Once you have cleaned all the dirt out, use a cloth to rinse the inside out, collecting the water with your towels.

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